Dumplings with meat

(pork and beef meat, onion, sour cream)
22 zł

Herring a’la kredens

(spicy herring, salmon herring, red onion, apple, tomatoes, gherkin, pineapple, bread)
24 zł

Steak tartare

(sirloin, pickled boletus, gherkin, onion, caper, bread)
31 zł

Onion – chanterelle soup

(onion-chanterelle creamy soup, toasts)
18 zł

Bouillabaise from kredens

(fish soup-salmon, shrimps, clams, squids, white wine, vegetables, herbal toast)
36 zł

Silesian zurek (sour rye soup)

(sourdough, sausage, bacon, hard-boiled egg)
14 zł

Soup of the day

(please ask a waiter)

Goat cheese

(baked beetroots, pickled pear, figs, walnuts, young spinach, rucola, balsamic dressing)
28 zł


(romaine lettuce, chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, bacon, poached egg, toasts, parmesan cheese dressing)
29 zł


(zander fillet, chanterelles, peas, young potatoes, caper-dill sauce)
43 zł


(salmon fillet, creamy spinach, herbal toasts, poached egg, french sauce)
41 zł


(chicken breast, dried tomatoes, basil sauce, young spinach)
29 zł


(shrimps, chilli, garlic, young spinach, parmesan cheese)
36 zł

Duck confit

(duck leg, fried beetroots, silesian dumplings, apple with cranberries)
38 zł

Silesian roll

(beef roll, silesian dumplings, warm red cabbage, roasted sauce)
39 zł

Rib eye

(rib eye steak, white pepper sauce, sauté potatoes, vinegrette salads)
59 zł


(beef sirloin, portobello, parmesan butter, belgian frites, vinegrette salads)
65 zł


(turkey fillet, carrot puree, gorgonzola sauce, young spinach salad)
35 zł

Short rib

(beef rib, caraway cabbage, potato-horseradish purée)
40 zł


Belgian fries - 8 zł
Vegetable salad with vinegrette dressing - 8 zł
Fried beetroot salad - 8 zł


(chocolate pie, cherries, vanilla ice-cream)
16 zł

Crème brûlée

(crème brûlée, caramel, raspberry sorbet)
15 zł


(pear in red wine, chocolate sauce, vanilla cream, baked coconut)
16 zł


(vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice-cream, hot seasonal fruit mousse)
15 zł


(meringue, mascarpone cream, fruits)
16 zł

Chicken schnitel

(coated cutlet, raw carrot salad, potato purée with dill)
18 zł

Sweet pancakes

(fruits, vanilla cheese)
14 zł

Dishes for the youngest guests can be prepared individually. Please give your suggestions to the waiter and chef will try to satisfy every little gourmand based on available products.

Allergy Information
Please ask the waiter for details. Our dishes are prepared in one kitchen. We have different suppliers, so we are warning you that the food may sometimes be slightly different. Therefore, we can not guarantee that each of the dishes served will be completely free of allergens.